I'm thrilled to announce the release of Ruby! Ten years ago I wrote the first draft, it was my first official novel. At twenty-three years old, I had a love for epic historical romances and downright evil vampires. I decided to bring the two genres together. I took the past year to finish my adventure. Now, a decade later, here it is! Hope you love all the twists and turns.

RUBY ~ Tree of Blood

by Jettie Necole


Ruby unites the seductive and sinister actions of the supernatural with the allure and elegance of a Regency romance.

A historical romance begins to blossom around Lady Ruby Waterfield, but family secrets and unpredictable suitors expose a world of supernatural creatures—ancient enemies bound by war: vampires and warlocks.

Set in 1811 England, Ruby finally attends her first London Season at the age of eighteen. After departing from her safe, secluded childhood in the country, she quickly discovers that taking her rightful place among the aristocracy is the least of her worries after she becomes the target of a vindictive vampire. Determined to learn the truth about her family bloodlines, this clever debutante must navigate her pursuit while two gentlemen—one, her loyal best friend; the other, a mysteriously handsome stranger—grow increasingly tied to her future. From the dark alleys of Covent Garden to the lavish balls of the high society ton, clandestine agendas leave Ruby's heart exposed to a dangerous new world of mystery, magic, and love.

Ruby is the first novel in the Tree of Blood series that takes root in exposing the origins of supernatural bloodlines. 

Currently available for kindle at Amazon
Paperback version May 1st
Other e-reader versions coming soon

I'm pleased to announce that I've just released a revised edition of The Vault. To all readers who own the original version, Amazon has sent out an updated version. Simply accept the revised download to access the new version. The revisions include a major proofreading of the entire book, as well as an expansion to several chapters. To all fans who have supported this novel from its inception, I thank you. This new version does not take away anything from the original storyline; it only enhances it. I believe in making my story the best it can be and hope that you enjoy this new, final version.


Jettie Necole

The Vault has arrived!

I'm happy to announce The Vault is now available for purchase through Amazon. To finally have it finished and out there is very exciting. Thanks to my family and friends. Special thanks to Robby Davis, who created a stunning cover. Can't wait to see what happens next!